Beacon Hospital - Dublin


The biggest challenge when a hospital needs images? You can’t just shut the hospital down to get the shots you want!

Beacon Hospital is a busy private hospital in Dublin, with wide-ranging departments including radiology, orthopaedics and general surgery. They were keen to update the images across their marketing channels to reflect their state of the art facilities. The goal of the project was to improve the hospital’s image with doctors in local communities in Ireland, to encourage greater numbers of patient referrals.

Take your time, but hurry up!

But how do you create punchy, vibrant images of real-life surgeons, radiographers and nurses when you only have a matter of minutes in between patients to get the perfect shot?

Simple. You put your trainers on, load up your lights and cameras onto trolleys, and you dash from one ward to the next. It helps when you have almost two decades of experience at setting up shots and putting people at ease, but it’s still a challenge!

Planning, planning and more planning

Alongside the marketing team, we looked at which departments could give us a definite time and scheduled them in over the three days. Once we had a skeleton schedule, we worked out when the remaining departments would be clear of patients, and slotted them into the schedule. This meant being ready to shoot at 7am and hanging around until everybody had left at 7pm. Long days but it meant we got the shots we needed.

All the other shots were squeezed in as and when. We’d be given the go ahead to shoot a particular department and have to dash through the corridors of the hospital to get there in time! It was good fun, tiring and exhilarating. The staff at the hospital were ultra professional but with a great sense of humour too. It’s not a shoot that I’ll forget in a hurry!